MCSAAC Annual Awards

MCSAAC Annual Awards

From 1990 through 2017, the Middlesex County Substance Abuse Action Council recognized community members and groups who significantly contributed to substance abuse prevention in our region. Descriptions and winners of each award below are listed below.

Best Prevention Program Award

To highlight an outstanding local prevention initiative at the town, school, or regional level.

2009 Asset Poster Project, Middletown SAPC
2010 Morgan School Mural, Clinton
2011 Go Far, Durham-Middlefield
2012 EDGE, Durham-Middlefield
2013 Bigger Than You Think, Middletown
2014 Family OlymPiCs, Clinton
2015 RAMS in Action, W. Wilson Middle School, Middletown
2016 Old Saybrook Police Dept. Healthy Youth Initiatives
2017 EDGE Students’ Marijuana Education Campaign, Durham-Middlefield







Terry Concannon Award

To recognize an elected official such as mayor, selectman, or legislator, who has made strides in reducing substance abuse and/or contributed to community wellness by promoting prevention initiatives.

2009    Laura Francis, First Selectwoman, Durham
2010    Noel Bishop, First Selectman, Westbrook
2011    Senator Paul Doyle, 9th Senate District
2012    Honorable Susan Bransfield, First Selectwoman, Portland
2013    Biagio “Billy” Ciotto, Former State Senator
2014    Kimberly Bratz, Tax Collector, Town of Westbrook
2016    First Selectman Carl Fortuna, Old Saybrook
2017    Representative Christie Carpino (Cromwell/Portland)







Father Michael O’Hara Volunteer Award

To award is for an outstanding individual whose volunteer work at the local level has contributed to reducing substance abuse through prevention initiatives in his or her community.

2009 Rich Annino and Sharon Lessard, Westbrook LPC Co-Chairs
2010 Men at School, Middletown
2011 Cindi Coutu, East Hampton LPC Chair
2012 Andrea Reu, Clinton
2013 Hilary Matthew Rumnick, Haddam-Killingworth LPC
2014 Gretchen Bushnell, Old Saybrook Healthy Communities Healthy Youth Chair
2015 Elizabeth Namen, Epoch Arts, East Hampton
2016 Kirsten Deitz, Durham-Middlefield
2017 Tracey Leary, RPh, Clinton







The Harry Eben Burr Business Award for Prevention Awareness

To honor a member of the Middlesex County business community (either business or individual) who has gone “above and beyond” to implement, promote or support substance abuse prevention and/or recovery efforts.

2009 Firehouse Steakhouse, Middletown
2010 Peter Harding, Middletown
2011 Aiden Charles, Charles Coaching & Nutrition Services
2012 Middlesex Hospital
2013 Keith Lyke, Higganum Family Pharmacy
2014 Jay Polke, Willowbrook Spirit Shoppe
2015 Gary Vallo, Middle Oak Insurance
2016 Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffeehouse, East Haddam and CT Water Company (corporate)
2017 Middletown Oral Surgery Center







Youth Leadership Award

To recognize an outstanding young person (or youth group) whose volunteer work has contributed to reducing substance abuse through prevention initiatives in his or her school and community.

2009 Janna Moen, Valley Regional High School
2010 Corey Thomas, Westbrook High School
2011 Megan Lohutko, Westbrook High School
2012 Mackenzie Holdmeyer, Tri Town
2013 Morgan Wilderman, Westbrook High School
2014 Shelby Mehmet, Clinton Partners in Community and The Morgan School
2015 Andrew Tessman, Morgan High School, Clinton
2016 Aamira Trimble, Middletown
2017 Skyler Jacobs, Westbrook







2017 Young Adult Leadership Award

To recognize an outstanding young adult whose leadership abilities and volunteer work has contributed to reducing substance abuse through prevention initiatives in his or her community.

2017 Alexis McGuigan

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