MCSAAC Workshops

MCSAAC Workshops

MCSAAC Workshops

For Adults

Teen Influencer Training: Prescription Drug Abuse & Teens

The problem goes way beyond cough syrup! Do you know what a Vic, Oxy or Red is? Can you tell if a girl is taking her mom’s “diet pills?” Recognize a teen on steroids? This workshop is for adults in a position to influence the decisions of young people, especially coaches, parents, teachers, and counselors.

Substance Abuse Trends in Middlesex County

Take a look at the data revealed through student, household, and business surveys in Middlesex County, and how we “measure up” in relation to the rest of Connecticut and the country as a whole. Intended for community groups that want to develop the most effective responses to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use among their populations.

Strengthening Community Coalitions

It is always challenging to keep a grassroots coalition of volunteers energized and focused! This workshop provides tips to increase membership, heighten visibility, prioritize concerns and develop activities to address community problems, especially in the area of substance abuse.

Enhancing Youth Leadership in Prevention

Is your coalition mostly adults? Do you have some youth sitting at the table but not participating? Using the Youth As Resources model, we explore the roles of youth as planners, implementers and evaluators. Recruiting and retaining youth volunteers is also discussed.

Introduction to Developmental Assets

As defined by the Search Institute, developmental assets are “40 common sense, positive experiences and qualities that help influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults.” The more assets youth have, the fewer risky behaviors and more thriving behaviors they demonstrate. Learn how families, schools and communities can strengthen developmental assets and contribute to positive youth development.

From Experimentation to Addiction

Why do some people become addicted to alcohol and other drugs? Why are teens at higher risk? This workshop explains the stages of alcohol and drug use from first use to addiction. It describes observable warning signs at each stage and reviews the risk factors that increase the probability of addiction. A special emphasis on the latest brain research will be included.

Managing Problem People at Meetings

An interactive workshop for small groups that meet on a regular basis, to improve communciations and democratic decision-making. Learning to deal with four “problem people” often found in meetings (bully, passive-aggressive, complainer, rambler) will help a chairperson run a better meeting.

For Youth

Tobacco: Don’t Be Owned! (Your happiness, money, and health belong to you.)

For teenagers who feel invincible and still think they look tougher, cooler, and more mature when they smoke, this workshop will be a real eye-opener. (Available in Fall 2010.)

Summer Fun: It’s One Cool Choice

In this summer camp-style series for children, tobacco education takes the form of action games, stories, crafts, and other “non-classroom” activities that drive home the non-smoking message.

The Fact or Fiction Game

A staple of MCSAAC, this fast-paced “game-show” is guaranteed to increase middle/high school students’ knowledge of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Good for groups of eight to fifteen students.

Call Lisa or Betsey at MCSAAC for more information.

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